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  • Pedro D. Wendel Garcia

EXCHANGE-2 trial funded with 1.2 Million Euros by the DFG

A multi-center randomized study that will investigate the additive use of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in septic shock and its impact on the survival of these patients (EXCHANGE-2 study with participation of more than 20 centers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria) has been jointly planned over the last years by our team from the University Hospital Zurich (USZ, Prof. Dr. S. David), the University Hospital Bonn (UKB, PD Dr. C. Bode) and Haannover Medical School (MHH, PD Dr. K. Stahl).

The study will be funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with a total of 1.2 million Euros over a period of 36 months and is expected to start recruiting early next year.

Stay tuned for the upcoming trial protocol and the breakthrough results! To get warmed up on the topic check out our previous EXCHANGE trial manuscripts here and here. Or read our recent commentary on blood purification and plasma exchange here.

Congratulations Sascha, Christian and Klaus!

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